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The G-Shot
® (G-spot amplification (GSA)) is a simple office procedure that can make it easier to stimulate the G-Spot. An FDA approved filler (used for filling in facial creases) is injected into the G-Spot ‘amplifying’ it and making it more prominent. This was developed over 10 years ago in LA by Dr. Matlock, and 87% of women reported enhanced sexual arousal or gratification for up to 4 months!  Keep in mind that this is NOT a way to fix an abnormal relationship, but could be used to enhance a normal, healthy one.

This could be the way for you to increase your sexual gratification! 


The G-spot is an erogenous zone inside the vagina that gets bigger when stimulated and that can lead to a powerful climax. It is on the upper wall of the vagina just under the pubic bone and urethra.

How It Works

The G-Shot® is a painless procedure done in the office under local anesthesia. The injection takes less than a minute and the total office time is usually less than half an hour. The G-Spot is increased to about the size of 2 quarters stacked together although results do vary.

What to Expect

First you’ll be told how to localize your G-Spot if you don’t already know. You then go into the exam room alone and when you are comfortable with having found it, the procedure will begin. Next, you’re G-Spot is localized with your help using a specialized speculum and the injection site is marked. This feels much like a PAP smear. A small needle is then used to put in the local anesthetic followed by the filler. Finally a tampon is placed. The entire procedure takes approximately 10 minutes. 
After the procedure you're ready to get on with your day. The most common side effect is a scant amount of bleeding from the injection site. You can resume normal sexual activity after you remove the tampon in 4 hours. Results last approximately 4 months and may vary.


The G-Shot is not an approved FDA procedure because it is an off-label use of filler. However, injection of fillers into the vagina has been performed with a high degree of safety for many years in the treatment of other medical conditions.

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