Women's Institute for Sexual Health

Up to 43% of women confess to some degree of dissatisfaction with their sexual health, be it physical, emotional, or a combined issue.

We at the Women's Institute for Sexual Health (WISH) understand that these issues are very personal and sensitive and as such are treated with the utmost in professionalism and discretion.  Please contact us if you would like any further information regarding your sexual health.

As with all elective procedures, the benefits must be weighed against the potential risks.  During your appointment, your concerns will be reviewed, your options for treatment outlined and all your questions answered.  

Aesthetic / Cosmetic surgery of any kind is elective and not covered by insurance plans.  Likewise, sexual health treatments are also billed directly without any insurance involvement.   Our billing department will give you a detailed explanation of the costs and guide you to the various credit options available to you if needed.


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